2.04.010 Departments and organization.

All individual departments, offices, agencies, and instrumentalities of the County government under the authority of the Board of County Commissioners and their respective functions, powers, and duties, are hereby reauthorized and continued in their current form, name, and staffing except as otherwise set forth herein. Each department head shall continue to be responsible for his or her respective individual department management and administration and for the implementation and enforcement of Board policies. The County Administrator shall assure uniform implementation and enforcement of those Board policies. (Res. 04-06 § 2)

2.04.020 Organizational structure.

In order to provide a responsive and efficient administrative structure, the Board of County Commissioners hereby organizes the various departments into divisions of County government for administrative purposes:

  • Human Services:
    • Department of Social Services
    • Department of Human Services, which includes Pueblo Area Agency on Aging
  • Public Operations:
    • Department of Engineering and Public Works Department
    • Department of Fleet Management
    • Facilities Department
  • Planning, Safety, Correctional Services and CSU:
    • Office of Correctional Services
    • C.S.U. Cooperative Extension Office
    • Department of Planning and Development
  • Administrative Services:
    • Department of Human Resources
    • Purchasing Department
    • Department of Information Technology
    • Department of Information Systems
    • Office of the County Attorney
    • Budget and Finance Department
    • Division of Economic Development and GIS
    • Division of Transportation
    • Administrative Support Services
      (Res. 14-122)


2.04.030 Board and Commissions.

The members of the Board of County Commissioners also serve the community in the capacity of board members for other entities to which they have been or are appointed. (Res. 04-06 § 4)

2.04.040 Meeting schedule.

In order to provide for the smooth and efficient management and administration of Pueblo County government and to provide to the greatest degree possible clear, concise and efficient communication internally within the various branches of the county government and externally with the citizens requiring services of the county government, the following meeting schedule is established by the Board with its officers, directors and department heads:

Pueblo County Board of County Commissioners’ regularly scheduled meetings for 2015 shall be held as follows:

  • Monday: 9:00 a.m.: Official open meeting, general discussion of pertinent issues, open work sessions, legislative day
  • Wednesday: 9:00 a.m.: Official open meeting, general discussion of pertinent issues, open work sessions, legislative day
  • Monthly meetings with city of Pueblo elected officials: To be determined jointly between the city and county.
  • General business, work sessions and other meetings of the Board of County Commissioners of Pueblo County shall be held as scheduled and announced.