The Human Resources Department promotes diversity and oversees human resource programs and systems, including employee benefits, job evaluation and compensation, workers compensation, recruitment and selection, consulting and training, and personnel policy development and interpretation for the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment.

How to Apply

The Human Resources Department will accept applications for current job openings only. The link below will provide any position vacancies and the opportunity to complete an application form. Applications for employment are available only through the site listed below.

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Internship Opportunity

Community Health Planning Intern - unpaid position, up to 400 hours of opportunity learn related work skills in coordinating, gathering, analyzing and communicating results of BMI data collection within schools throughout Pueblo County. Efforts will also include researching and drafting data collection procedures and creating and training volunteers on said procedures.  Requires knowledge of health education models and frameworks, action plan development, understanding of methods related to collection, analysis, and interpretation of data. 

Intern application available by e-mail contact:

Grievance/Complaint Process

The Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment treats all members of the community with respect regardless of race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, creed, religion, age, socio-economic status, education, or sexual orientation. The public is able to report a grievance/complaint in regards to discrimination within the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment's programs or activities by submitting to Human Resources Please provide specific details about the grievance/complaint when reporting as well as contact information in order to receive a timely response.