16.08.010 Submission.

Subdividers shall submit a sketch plan to the Board prior to the submission of a preliminary plan. Said sketch plan will enable the subdivider and the Board to render an informal preliminary review of the site plan for general scope and conditions which might affect the plan.

16.08.020 Provision of the procedures and standards for evaluation of sewer and water systems.

At the time of sketch plan submission, the subdivider will be given materials and information relating to procedures and standards by which the suitability of proposed sewer and water systems may be determined and evaluated, and in the case of on-lot sewer or water facilities, forms to be completed by a professional engineer, licensed in the State of Colorado, for submission with the preliminary plan.

16.08.030 Review of sketch plan.

The Board shall turn all sketch plan materials over to the Planning Commission, which shall review them and return them to the Board with its comments, suggestions, and recommendations within thirty-five (35) days. The Board shall then review the materials and the report of the Planning Commission, and communicate its own comments, suggestions and recommendations to the subdivider and to the Planning Commission at the next regular meeting of the Board.