16.16.010 Submission.

     A. The final plat may only be submitted for all or a portion of an area within an approved preliminary plan to which it must conform. The final plat shall be submitted by the subdivider at a regular meeting of the Board.

     B. Final plats shall be submitted for approval within eighteen (18) months of the date a preliminary plan has been approved by the Board. No final plat submission will be accepted which has exceeded this time lapse period. An extension of time may be granted by the Board upon written request of the subdivider. Any plat submitted for which preliminary plan approval has been given in excess of eighteen (18) months previous and for which no time extension has been granted shall be considered by the Commission as a new preliminary plan. The final plat shall also contain the refinements required in Section 16.28.020(H).

     C. A receipt shall be issued to the subdivider for the final plat submission.

     D. The Board shall turn all final plat materials over to the Planning Commission.

16.16.020 Planning Commission review.

     A. The Planning Commission shall review the final plat submission for completeness pursuant to the requirements of Chapter 16.28.020 and for conformity to the approved preliminary plan and any conditions upon which such approval may have been made.

     B. The Planning Commission shall deliver its comments, suggestions and recommendations regarding the final plat to the Board and to the subdivider.

16.16.030 Board review.

     A. After recommendation by the Planning Commission, the subdivider or his agent shall appear at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board to request review of the final plat. Failure of the Board to act on the application within thirty-five (35) days of such request shall be deemed a favorable approval of the final plat and a certificate shall be issued immediately thereafter to that effect.

     B. If the Board determines that the final plat submission complies with the applicable requirements of these regulations, they shall endorse on the plat as follows:



     This plat approved and dedications accepted this ______ day of (month), 20__, A.D. by the Board of County Commissioners, Pueblo County, Colorado. This approval does not guarantee that the size, soil conditions, subsurface geology, ground water conditions, or flooding conditions of any specific lot shown hereon are such that a building permit, well permit, or sewage disposal permit will be issued. This approval is with the understanding that all expenses involving required improvements as set forth in the subdivision improvements agreement as recorded in book ___ page ___ of the Pueblo County Clerk and Recorder’s Office shall be the responsibility of the subdivider and not the County of Pueblo.


ATTEST: _________________________             ________________________
                 CLERK OF BOARD                            CHAIRMAN




     C. Every final plat shall contain the following applicable certificates and notices which may be modified to suit special circumstances. Where the type of road or other conditions warrant, the "certification," "dedication" and "notice" statements shall be modified accordingly and shall be subject to approval by the County. Final plats may be subject to a plat note related to the Global Positioning System (refer to Chapter 16.68).




Reviewed the ___ day of (month), 20__, County Planning Commission, Pueblo County, Colorado.










I hereby certify that this instrument was filed for record at o’clock __.M. _______, 20__, and duly recorded in Book _____ Page _____.








     That ____(name)____, a Colorado Corporation, is the owner of that real property situated in Pueblo County, Colorado, and lying within the exterior of (subdivision name). That it has caused said real property to be laid out and surveyed as (subdivision name), a subdivision in the County of Pueblo, State of Colorado, and does hereby accept the responsibility for the completion of required improvements and does hereby dedicate and set apart all of the roads and other public improvements and places as shown on the accompanying plat to the use of the public forever, and does hereby dedicate those portions of said real property which are indicated as easements on the accompanying plat as easements for the purpose shown hereon, and does hereby grant the right to install and maintain necessary structures to the entity responsible for providing the services for which the easements are established.

     In witness whereof ___(corporation_name)___ has caused its name to be hereunto subscribed by its president and its corporate seal to be affixed, attested by its secretary, this ______ day of (month), A.D. 20___.


ATTEST: (secretary's signature)                        (corporation name)_____

                                                                (president's signature)__



     FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned consents to the subdivision of the land shown on this ___*___ Plat, joins in the dedication of all streets, easement, rights-of-way and access restrictions shown hereon, and subordinates its interest in the property described in this ___*___ Plat to any Subdivision Improvements Agreement between the Subdivider and the County of Pueblo executed in conjunction therewith.

                                   Signed the _____ day of ________________, 20____.


                                    Name                              Title

                                    Name of Institution with Interest




        The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me by _____________________ this _____ day of ____________, 20____.

My Commission expires:_________________

                                                                                Notary Public

*insert subdivision’s name (e.g., Porcupine Estates, 2nd Filing), exemption number (e.g., Subdivision Exemption No. 2002-001), or lot line rearrangement and number (e.g., Lot Line Rearrangement No. 2002-001).






     The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this ______ day of (month), A.D. 20___, by (president’s name) as President and (secretary’s name) as Secretary of (corporation name), a Colorado Corporation.


Witness my hand and official seal.

My commission expires:_____________


                                                                                NOTARY PUBLIC



      Notice is hereby given that acceptance of this platted subdivision by the County of Pueblo does not constitute an acceptance of the roads and other improvements for maintenance by Pueblo County.

      Until such roads and other improvements meet Pueblo County requirements and are specifically accepted by Resolution of the Board of County Commissioners and such Resolution is recorded with the Pueblo County Clerk and Recorder, the maintenance, construction, and all other matters pertaining to or affecting said roads and other improvements and rights-of-way are the sole responsibility of the owners of the land within this subdivision.



     I, (surveyor’s name), a professional land surveyor registered in the State of Colorado, hereby certify to the Board of County Commissioners of the County of Pueblo and to (subdivider’s name) that a survey of the above-described premises was performed by me or under my direct responsibility, supervision, and checking on _________, 20__; that this plat of (subdivision name) complies with the minimum standards for Land Surveys and Plats as set forth in Section 38-51-106 et seq., C.R.S. 1994 (as amended).

                                                                        Professional Land Surveyor

                                                                        (surveyor’s name)________
                                                                        Professional Land Surveyor

                                                                        Lic. # __________________

                                                                        (surveyor’s seal shall appear with
                                                                        this certificate)