16.50.010 General requirements.

     The following improvements shall be constructed at the expense of the subdivider as stipulated in the subdivision improvements agreement (Appendix C) in a manner approved by the Board which is consistent with sound construction and local practice. Where specific requirements are spelled out in other sections of these Regulations, they shall apply:

     A. Road, grading and surfacing;

     B. Curbs, if required;

     C. Sidewalks, if required;

     D. Sanitary sewer laterals and mains where required;

     E. Storm sewers or storm drainage system, as required;

     F. Water distribution system, where applicable;

     G. Street signs at all street intersections;

     H. Permanent reference monuments and monument boxes;

     I. Other facilities as may be specified or required in these regulations by the Planning Commission;

     J. All utilities, except major power transmission lines, shall be underground, unless specifically exempted by the Board, who shall grant such exemption only in cases of extreme difficulty.