16.38.010 Plan conformance.

    Land being subdivided shall conform with the Comprehensive Plan, Title 17 of the Pueblo County Code, and other resolutions and regulations in effect in the County. (See Section 16.58.020)

16.38.020 Notice of inspection.

    An inspection by the Pueblo County Public Works Department must be requested by the subdivider or his designated agent in accordance with the requirements of the Pueblo County Roadway Design and Construction Standards. Inspections during construction shall be made by the Public Works Department to insure that work is progressing in compliance with the Subdivision Regulations. Deviation from these regulations and their requirements will be sufficient reason to issue stop and desist orders by the County until such time as proper corrections or adjustments have been made to the satisfaction of the Public Works Director. Upon completion of all work, a final inspection shall be made, and if it is determined by the Public Works Director that the roads have been built according to County specifications and the approved construction plans, the subdivider may then apply for release of the collateral provided under the terms of the subdivision improvements agreement. Request may also then be made to the Board of County Commissioners to accept the subdivision's roads by resolution for maintenance.