16.68.010 Global positioning system (GPS).

     A. All final plats (includes lot line rearrangement, re-plat, re-subdivision, subdivision exemption, corrected plat) which are approved by Pueblo County shall be based on a land survey which is tied to the Global Positioning System (GPS).

     B. Plats shall contain at a minimum the following GPS information:

     1. Distances shall be expressed on the plat drawing and in the legal description of the new lots or parcels, should the surveyor choose to write legal descriptions for said new lots or parcels as ground.

     All distances shall be shown in Modified State Plane measurements (in U.S. survey feet to the hundredth of a foot). Plats shall be prepared using State Plane grid distances modified to a mean project elevation above sea level and a mean scale factor for the project. Only one combination factor shall be used for the entire survey. All of the line distances shown on the plat shall be dimensioned using the above-mentioned mean factor (said Modified State Plane Distances).

     The legal description referenced above does not refer to that description of the property which is set forth in the dedication section of the plat. The property described in the dedication section is commonly the deed description or derivative thereof in order to maintain the chain-of-title to the extent possible.

     2. The plat drawing shall show the two GPS stations used for control and for the basis of bearings, and the Modified State Plane bearing ground distance tying one of the subdivision’s boundary corners to one GPS station.

     3. The combination factor (shown to 8 decimal places) to convert ground distance to grid distance shall be referenced on the plat with the following note:

     Note: Distances shown hereon, except as noted, are ground distances. The combination factor for this plat is ________. The ground distance when divided by the combination factor will provide the grid distance and the ground coordinates when divided by the combination factor will provide the grid coordinates based on the Colorado State Plane Coordinate System of 1983 South Zone on the North American Datum of 1992.

     4. Ties shall be shown as dashed lines with bearings and Modified State Plane distances to the following:

     a. Two (2) corner points of this plat to 2 GIS Land Positions (provided by the Pueblo County Global Positioning System's network monumentation information).

     b. One (1) corner point of this plat to the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) monument if used in this survey.

     5. Latitude/Longitude labels (to the ten thousandths of a second), Modified State Plane grid coordinates (in U.S. survey feet to the hundredth of a foot), and State Plane grid coordinates (in U.S. survey feet to the hundredth of a foot) Colorado Southern Zone (0503) State Plane (NAD 83/92) at:

     a. The above-mentioned two (2) corner points of the plat;

     b. The above-mentioned two (2) GIS Land Position(s) used; and

     c. The above-mentioned PLSS monument if used.

     6. Plats shall also include a statement describing the standard of accuracy, as defined by the National Ocean Survey/National Geodetic Survey, maintained in developing the coordinates shown therein, per C.R.S. 38-52-106.

     The Colorado Coordinate System hereon shown is defined as _____ order, Class _____, 1:_____, 000 as described in the "Geometric Geodetic Accuracy Standards and Specifications for using GPS relative positioning techniques and/or Standards and Specifications for Geodetic Control Networks" by the Federal Geodetic Control Committee.