17.08.010 Application.

The written provisions of the Title 17 shall apply to the applicable zone districts as shown on the Zone District Map, such being a part of Title 17.


17.08.020 Boundaries of districts.

Unless otherwise provided, zone district boundaries shall be on municipal corporate lines, section lines, lot lines, natural boundary lines, or on the center lines of right-of-way lines of highways, streets, alleys, railroad rights-of- way, or such lines extended. In cases where such lines are not used, the zone district lines shall be as determined by using the scale of the Zone District Map.


17.08.030 Divided parcels.

When a parcel of land under one ownership at the time of the adoption of the resolution is divided by a zone district boundary line and the dividing of such a parcel is consistent with the purpose and intent of this resolution and each portion may support a reasonable and legal use, then the zone district boundary line shall be as determined by the scale of the zone district map. Any dispute regarding a zone district line shall be heard by the County Planning Commission. In the event the Commission finds the zone district line is not consistent with the purpose and intent of said resolution, the Commission shall prepare an appropriate recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners.