17.88.010 Purpose.

The standards of this district (S-2) are designed to give added protection to the population, buildings, structures and aircraft in close proximity to airfields and are supplemental to the standards of the use district over which they may be applied.

17.88.020 Zone requirements.

The zone requirements within each zone district shall apply where the Airfield District is superimposed except for the building height requirements.

17.88.030 Building height.

Within the Airfield Zone District, the height of structures, buildings, trees or fences shall not exceed the limits as herein defined and shown on the zone maps for:

A. Approach surface: defined by an inclined plane with a slope of 50:1, 40:1, or 20:1 as shown on the zone maps.

B. Horizontal surface: defined by a horizontal surface located one hundred and fifty (150) feet above the established airport elevation and radiating out from the airport as shown on the zone maps.

C. Conical surface: extends upward from the periphery of the Horizontal Surface (defined in subsection B above) at a slope of 20:1 and outward a distance shown on the zone maps.

D. Transitional surface: extends upward from lines parallel to the center line of the runway at an angle of 7:1 a distance shown on the zone maps.