17.76.010 Purpose.

The standards of this district (I-3) are designed to retain and provide areas for industrial and primary manufacturing uses which because of the products used or produced and the nature and extent of the products used or produced and the nature and extent of the operations should not be located in close proximity to residential activities.

17.76.020 Uses by right.

A use by right is any of the uses permitted in the Industrial-Two (I-2) Zone District by right plus the manufacturing, fabrication, storage and/or processing of any commodity.  Exceptions are any use in Section 17.76.030, Uses by review. (Res. P&D 21-028, app. 5-13-2021)

17.76.030 Uses by review.

A use by review is any of the following uses, other than those uses which come within the purview of Section 17.140.010(F), which are permitted only upon issuance of a Special Use Permit by the Planning Commission.


Any use involving the manufacturing, fabrication, and/or processing of any commodity which creates hazardous or potentially hazardous conditions which cannot be contained within the premises in the event of an accident involving hazardous materials or processes;

Asphalt plant;

Atomic reactor;

Electric power plant;

Hazardous waste research and development facility;

Hazardous waste testing laboratory;

Salvage yard;

Solid waste transfer station;

Storage tanks for flammable and combustible liquids;

Telecommunication tower(s).

17.76.040 Lot area.

No parcel of land shall be smaller than one (1) acre (43,560 square feet), nor shall any parcel of land existing in single ownership at the time of passage of this Code henceforth be divided for sale in units smaller than one (1) acre (43,560 square feet).

17.76.050 Lot dimensions.

No parcel of land shall be less than one hundred (100) feet in width or one hundred (100) feet in depth.

17.76.060 Lot coverage.

No requirement.

17.76.070 Floor area ratio.

No requirement.

17.76.080 Building height.

The height of any structure shall not exceed sixty (60) feet.

17.76.090 Front yard setback.

Except as provided in Chapter 17.120, all buildings shall be set back not less than twenty (20) feet from the front property line.

17.76.100 Side yard setback.

A principal structure shall provide side yards of fifteen (15) feet, and, except as provided in Section 17.120.020, an accessory building shall be set back from a side lot line at least five (5) feet.

17.76.110 Rear yard setback.

A principal structure shall be set back at least fifteen (15) feet from a rear lot line, and, except as provided in Section 17.120.020, an accessory building shall be set back from a rear lot line at least five (5) feet.

17.76.120 Parking space.

Off-street parking shall be as provided in Chapter 17.112.

17.76.130 Loading space.

Off-street loading requirements shall be as provided in Chapter 17.112.

17.76.140 Fences, walls and hedges.

Fences, walls, and hedges shall be as provided in Section 17.120.160.

17.76.150 Signs.

Signs shall be as provided in Chapter 17.116.

17.76.160 Screening and buffering.

A.  Screening and buffering shall be used to mitigate adverse visual impacts, dust, noise, or pollution, and to provide for compatibility between dissimilar adjoining uses.  Special consideration will be given to the buffering and screening between residential uses and commercial or industrial uses, and in visually sensitive areas.  It is not the intent of this Chapter to require screening or buffering of principal structures, or of products displayed for retail sale.

B.  Screening and buffering may be accomplished by the use of sight-obscuring plant materials, earth berms, walls, fences, building parapets, building placement, or other design techniques.  Corrugated metal, doors, or similar "scrap" materials shall not be used for screening or buffering.

C.  Screening is required to substantially block any view of material, equipment, or stored vehicles from any point located on a street or adjoining property adjacent to the site.  A sight-obscuring fence at least six (6) feet in height is required around the material or equipment.

D.  A screening and buffering plan shall be submitted for review by the Pueblo County Department of Planning and Development.  This plan shall include a site plan, which specifies all screening and buffering materials, type of landscaping, and elevations to depict compliance with these requirements.  Screening and buffering not specifically mentioned in the regulations, but found appropriate and necessary due to unusual conditions on the site, may be required.