17.92.010 Purpose.

The standards of this district (S-3) are designed to retain and provide areas for the unobstructed passage of flood waters and give protection from floods to the population, buildings and structures located therein and in the surrounding areas.

17.92.020 Uses by right.

A use by right is any of the following uses, which are permitted without issuance of a zoning permit by the County Zoning Administrator.

Farming or ranching;

Riding trails and fields.

17.92.030 Uses by review.

A use by review is any of the following uses, other than those uses which come within the purview of Section 17.140.010(F), which are permitted only upon issuance of a Special Use Permit by the Planning Commission.

Equestrian arena, commercial/club;

Equestrian arena, personal;

Golf course;

Mineral and natural resource extraction;

Parking (open lots only);

Sanitary landfills (no dumps);

Towers, radio and television;

Utilities as outlined in Section 17.120.130.

17.92.040 Lot area.

No requirement.

17.92.050 Lot dimensions.

No requirement.

17.92.060 Lot coverage.

No requirement.

17.92.070 Floor area ratio.

No requirement.

17.92.080 Building height.

No requirement.

17.92.090 Front yard setback.

None required.

17.92.100 Side yard setback.

None required.

17.92.110 Rear yard setback.

None required.

17.92.120 Parking space.

Off-street parking shall be as provided in Chapter 17.112.

17.92.130 Loading space.

Off-street loading requirements shall be as provided in Chapter 17.112.

17.92.140 Fences, walls and hedges.

Wire fencing only.

17.92.150 Signs.

Signs shall be as provided in Chapter 17.116.