17.56.010 Purpose.

The standards of this district (O-1) are designed to provide areas for limited office and adjunct uses which may be introduced into residential areas without reduction of the characters of the area.

17.56.020 Uses by right.

A use by right is any of the following uses which are permitted upon issuance of a zoning permit by the County Zoning Administrator.

Accounting services;

Advertising agency;


Architect, landscape;




Christian Science practitioner;

Counseling service;

Consulting service;


Detective and protective service;


Drafting and cartographic services;

Engineer, professional;

Financial office;

Insurance agency;

Interior decorator;


Management and public relations;



Nurse, registered or practical;


Occupational therapist;



Patent solicitor;

Personal supply service;

Physical scientist;






Real estate office;

Referee in bankruptcy;

Security and commodity service;


Typing service.

17.56.030 Uses by review.

A use by review is any of the following uses, other than those uses which come within the purview of Section 17.140.010(F), which are permitted only upon issuance of a Special Use Permit by the Planning Commission.

Agency office;

Answering and paging service;

Artificial limbs, fitting and custom manufacturing;

Bacteriological laboratory, non-manufacturing;

Beauty and barber shop;

Biological chemist, non-manufacturing;

Biological laboratory, non-manufacturing;

Blood bank or donor station;

Charitable institution (office only);

Child care centers;

Commercial artist;

Commercial testing laboratory;

Computer and data processing service;

Dental laboratory;

Government office;

Medical laboratory, non-manufacturing;

Medical marijuana testing facility; (Res. P&D 17-033, 6-14-2017)

Optometric laboratory, repair and custom manufacturing;

Pathological laboratory;



Residence, single-family;

Retail Marijuana Testing Facility;

School, private;

Utilities as outlined in Section 17.120.130;

X-ray laboratory, non-manufacturing.

17.56.040 Lot area.

No parcel of land shall be smaller than five thousand six hundred (5,600) square feet, nor shall any parcel of land existing in single ownership at the time of passage of this Code henceforth be divided for sale in units smaller than five thousand six hundred (5,600) square feet.

17.56.050 Lot dimensions.

No parcel of land shall be less than sixty (60) feet in width or ninety (90) feet in depth.

17.56.060 Lot coverage.

The total ground area covered by all buildings shall not exceed fifty (50) percent.

17.56.070 Floor area ratio.

No requirement.

17.56.080 Building height.

The height of any structure shall not exceed twenty (20) feet.

17.56.090 Front yard setback.

No building shall be set back less than twenty-five (25) feet from the front property line.

17.56.100 Side yard setback.

A principal structure shall provide total side yards of not less than fifteen (15) feet and provide not less than five (5) feet on one (1) side, and, except as provided in Section 17.120.020, an accessory building shall be set back from the side lot line at least five (5) feet. No side yard shall be required on interior lots not abutting an agricultural or residential zone district if the side walls are of eight (8) inches solid masonry or equal, and contain no openings.

17.56.110 Rear yard setback.

A principal structure shall be set back at least fifteen (15) feet from a rear lot line and except as provided in Section 17.120.020, an accessory building shall be set back from a rear lot line at least five (5) feet.

17.56.120 Parking space.

Off-street parking shall be provided in Chapter 17.112.

17.56.130 Loading space.

Off-street loading requirements shall be as provided in Chapter 17.112.

17.56.140 Fences, walls and hedges.

See Section 17.120.160.

17.56.150 Signs.

Signs shall be as provided in Chapter 17.116.